Functional fabric


Functional textiles are fabrics that have a fitted function according to their intended use.


There are two types of methods for manufacturing functional textiles. One is to prepare functional yarns first and then weave them into the fabric. Functional yarns are made using a blended composite spinning method, where functional auxiliaries are added to the yarn and dispersed evenly. Surface treatment of conventional fibres. We produce a wide range of fabrics for a variety of applications with different functions, including apparel, textiles and industrial use.


l --300D l --500D
l --600D l --900D
l --1000D l --1200D
l --all Nylon l can be customizable


Special Features

Meets California 65, Eco-Friendly, Fireproof, High Temperature-Resistant, Anti-UV, Rip-stop, Windproof, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Crease, Oil-Proof, Anti-Pull, Corrosion-Resistant, Moth-proof, Anti-Hydraulic Pressure

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