PVC coated is-another type of coating, PVC is resistant to contact with various chemicals, resistant to moisture and high temperatures.

PVC fabrics have enhanced protective characteristics. However, polyvinyl chloride impregnation gives the material greater rigidity, and products made from such a fabric are less elastic and more difficult to it's very strong, durable, tear-resistant, commonly used in all kinds of backpacks, tool bags, etc. 

Characteristics of fabrics impregnated with PVC:

l higher density than fabrics impregnated with PU;

l upgrade strength - transport covers for equipment are sewn from fabrics;

l higher wear resistance - a great option for any awning structures;

l resistance to any pollution, accidental staining;

l -210D l --300D
l --500D l --600D
l --900D l --1000D
l --1200D l --all Nylon
l can be customizable  

Special Features

Meets California 65, Eco-Friendly, Fireproof, High Temperature-Resistant, Anti-UV, Rip-stop, Windproof, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Crease, Oil-Proof, Anti-Pull, Corrosion-Resistant, Moth-proof, Anti-Hydraulic Pressure



Backpacks,baby products,luggage,cosmetic bag, storage box, tool bag,Tents,  wardrobes, pencil cases, storage bags, bags, urine-proof wet cloth, storage boxes, computer bags, aprons, beach chairs, shopping carts, horse clothing,tool kits, home appliances, outdoor supplies

High Tenacity Fabric
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