Antistatic fabric
Antistatic fabric
Baby quilt fabric

This charming baby quilt fabric is sure to be a treasured keepsake for years to come. With its soft colors and playful pattern, it will make any nursery look warm and inviting. From the soft pinks and blues to the classic stripes and polka dots, this fabric can be used to create a cozy quilt that will provide comfort and joy for generations. Whether you are making a special gift for a new arrival or creating something special for your own little one, this fabric is sure to bring warmth and charm to any nursery.



ZHENGDA proudly offers the largest online variety of premium in stock quilting fabrics for children. We have many options, from animal fabrics for baby quilts to fabrics for the nursery, such as curtains or a rocking chair. Something for all the kid loving moms, grandmothers, & loving family members to make by quilting or sewing.




Therefore, occupational safety specialists pay special attention to the choice of antistatic clothing for such workers. One of the main requirements for such work clothing is the antistatic surface of the materials from which it is made.


Our catalog contains anti-static materials that meet the safety requirements of employees working in environments with increased risks to safety and health. 




Specific Features


● Resistant to wears and tears.  
● Tear resistance.  
● High tenacity.  
● Durable.  



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