Breathable fabric
Breathable fabric
Breathable fabric


The air permeability of the fabric depends on these parameters.

Composition of materials

● Natural fibers are the most air permeable and synthetic fibers are less air permeable. But we can make synthetic fabrics with ability to breath 




● The density of the fabric affects the air permeability of the fabric. The denser the thread in the material structure, the less it breathes. Thus, fabrics made of light synthetic fibers have good breath ability and very dense fabrics are not very breathable.









-all Nylon



Our breathable fabric have this characteristics:


● Synthetic products, consists of the thinnest 100 percent polyester threads;

● Soft to the touch, does not accumulate moisture;

● The fabric is easy to care for;

● It does not give in to deformation, possesses high wear resistance;

● You can create unique and inimitable models of clothes;

● In finished form, it does not cause allergic reactions;

● high breathability and moisture permeability

● Tear resistance, 






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Supplies,backpacks,luggage,cosmetic bag, storage box, tool bag,Tents, outdoor supplies











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