Fabric Manufacturer Supplier


Fabric manufacturers are companies that produce fabrics, either by weaving or knitting fibers together. They may specialize in particular types of fabrics or fibers, such as cotton, silk, wool, or synthetic materials. These manufacturers may sell their fabrics directly to customers, or they may sell them to fabric suppliers and distributors.


Fabric suppliers and distributors are companies that purchase fabrics from manufacturers and then sell them to customers, such as fabric stores, garment manufacturers, and individuals. These suppliers may offer a wide range of fabrics, including pre-cut pieces and fabric by the yard.


When selecting a fabric manufacturer or supplier, it is important to consider the quality and variety of fabrics offered, as well as their prices and shipping options. Some popular fabric manufacturers and suppliers include Robert Kaufman Fabrics, Moda Fabrics, ZhengDa Textile and Fabricut.


It's worth noting that some fabric manufacturers also act as suppliers or distributors, selling their fabrics both directly to customers and through other retailers. Additionally, some fabric suppliers may also offer custom fabric printing services, allowing customers to create their own designs and have them printed onto various types of fabrics.

Material Trend

The materials trends range for sustainability.