Flame-Retardant Fabric
Flame-Retardant Fabric
Flame-Retardant Fabric


Fire resistant fabric (also known as non-combustible, flame-resistant or fire-safe) is a material that prevents the spread of fire in a fire. In appearance and performance properties, fire-resistant fabrics almost no different than ordinary fabrics, or better: less crease, not burn out, not deformed.


Fire Resistant Fabric Materials


Fire is a major hazard that can cause catastrophic damage to property and loss of life. Therefore, having the right fire resistant fabric materials is essential for keeping people and property safe. Fire resistant fabrics refer to those that are able to resist burning or melting when exposed to high temperatures or open flames. Such fabrics are used in a variety of industries, such as clothing, furniture and vehicle upholstery, and home construction.


Coated polyester or nylon. If phosphorus molecules are included in the polyester structure or the fabric is treated with a special impregnation(coating), then the fiber acquires the property of  fire resistance. Without it, synthetic fiber tends to burn and ignite, spreading flames. The fabric composition is 100% polyester. 


These fabrics, unlike other materials, do not burn when in contact with an open fire. When ignited, they melt, slowly smolder and self-extinguish when the source of fire is removed. Fireproof interior fabrics have another most important property: oxidizing at high temperatures, they do not emit toxic substances, the poisoning of which causes the death of most victims in a fire. The complex of these properties was the reason that in many European countries the use of non-combustible textiles in the design of public spaces is mandatory.



Specification of Flame-Retardant Fabric




-all Nylon



Fire-resistant fabrics have special properties.
● Do not spread flame.
● Determine heat transfer through a material or material component used in protective clothing.
● Evaluate the thermal behavior of materials and material components when exposed to radiant heat sources.
We can reach requirements of following tests: 
● BS5852 (England) 
● CPAI84 (USA)
● GOST 11209-2014 (Russia) 



Application of Flame-Retardant Fabric:


backpacks,baby products,luggage,cosmetic bag, storage box, tool bag,Tents,  wardrobes, pencil cases, storage bags, bags, urine-proof wet cloth, storage boxes, computer bags, aprons, beach chairs, shopping carts, horse clothing,tool kits, home appliances, outdoor supplies


Non Combustible Fabric


In today's modern world, safety is of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to fabrics used for everyday items such as clothing, furniture and other upholstery. Fire safety is a major concern when it comes to fabrics, which is why non combustible fabric has become increasingly popular. Non combustible fabric is a type of fabric that has been made with special fire retardant chemicals and materials that make it difficult for it to ignite or catch fire.


Advantages of Non Combustible Fabric


Safe & Durable: Our non-combustible fabric is designed to provide superior fire protection with a durable yet soft surface. It's made from 100% flame-retardant material, making it an excellent choice for safety in any home or business.


Easy to Clean: This fabric is easy to clean and maintain with just soap and water. No special cleaners or treatments are required, which makes it a great option for busy households.


Versatile Design: Whether you're looking for curtains, upholstery, bedding, or other home textiles, our non-combustible fabric can be used in many settings. Its versatility allows you to customize your decor while still staying safe and secure.


Variety of Colors & Patterns: Create the look you want with our wide selection of colors and patterns. With plenty of options available, you can easily find the perfect style for your home or office space.



Low Maintenance: Our fabric requires minimal effort to keep looking new and fresh over time. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that the fabric will retain its fire resistance properties even after washing multiple times.


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