Water Proof Fabric
Water Proof Fabric
Water Proof Fabric


Coated or laminated tarpaulins are designed to meet the demands of waterproofing for apparel and industrial applications.


To provide advantages in the field of waterproof performance, waterproof fabrics combine high density and high tenacity due to their durable properties.


In some cases, both coatings and laminations are applied to the fabric to enhance higher water resistance and also improve boundary durability. Waterproof fabrics are available in a variety of structures, from lightweight to sturdy, rain jackets, workwear, outdoor sports, horse rugs, industrial and medical inflatable fabrics.


Different fabric combinations can ensure that different requirements from different customers are met.


Tenacity Rain Proof



Tenacity Rain Proof is a revolutionary product designed to keep you dry and comfortable in any weather condition. Whether you’re walking in the rain or running during a storm, this innovative fabric will provide superior protection.












-all Nylon


Soft Equipment (Bags & Luggage) Feature Specification
● Durable Water Repellent (FC-Free).
● Stain Repellent.
● Waterproof (AATCC 127 / JIS L1092B / ISO 811).
● Abrasion Resistant.



Horse Rug Feature Specification
● Durable Water Repellent (FC-Free).
● Stain Repellent.
● Waterproof (JIS L1092B / ISO 811).
● Breathable.
● Abrasion Resistant.
● Eco-Friendly fabric by recycled material.



Special Features:Meets California 65, Eco-Friendly, Fireproof, High Temperature-Resistant, Anti-UV, Rip-stop, Windproof, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Crease, Oil-Proof, Anti-Pull, Corrosion-Resistant, Moth-proof, Anti-Hydraulic Pressure 





Backpacks,baby products,luggage,cosmetic bag, storage box, tool bag,Tents,  wardrobes, pencil cases, storage bags, bags, urine-proof wet cloth, storage boxes, computer bags, aprons, beach chairs, shopping carts, horse clothing,tool kits, home appliances, outdoor supplies



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