Antistatic fabric
Antistatic fabric
Antistatic fabric


Anti-static fabric has excellent anti-static and dust-proof function, efficient permanently.  Fabric soft and light, texture clear.  This kind of cloth can be used in the production of anti-static clothing, but need to cut through the special sewing technology. 


With the cloth of the dusters and anti-static clothing, suitable for different antistatic or clean environment.  Scope of application: mainly used for sensitive to electrostatic, high cleanliness requirements of industries, such as medical, pharmaceutical, food, precision instruments, aerospace, etc.




Therefore, occupational safety specialists pay special attention to the choice of antistatic clothing for such workers. One of the main requirements for such work clothing is the antistatic surface of the materials from which it is made.


Our catalog contains anti-static materials that meet the safety requirements of employees working in environments with increased risks to safety and health. 





Safety and Protective Gear.  
Hospital and Medical Equipment.  

Specific Features


● Resistant to wears and tears.  
● Tear resistance.  
● High tenacity.  
● Durable.  



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