Polyester crepe fabric
Polyester crepe fabric
Polyester crepe fabric

Polyester crepe fabric is a popular choice for fashion lovers who want a balance of elegance and comfort. It is made of polyester, a synthetic fiber that is known for its durability and resistance to wrinkles. Crepe refers to the way the fabric is woven, resulting in a slightly textured surface that drapes beautifully.


Polyester fabric meaning


What makes polyester crepe fabric a go-to option for many designers is its versatility. It can be used for a wide range of garments, from blouses and dresses to trousers and skirts. Thanks to its lightweight feel, it is perfect for warmer weather or layering in cooler temperatures.

Another advantage to polyester crepe fabric is that it is easy to care for. Its resistance to wrinkles means that it doesn't require frequent ironing, making it a time-saving option for those on-the-go. It is also machine washable, further simplifying the cleaning process.


Content: 1200D
Nominal Width (Inches): 58"
Nominal Fabric Weight g/sm: 525GSM
Coating: Pvc/PU/PTU/PE
Color: Customizable
Oeko-tex standard 100, EN, SGS, ISO9001.
Waterproof, pu coating, pvc coating



Special Features:


● Meets California 65  Anti-Bacterial
● Eco-Friendly Anti-Crease
Fireproof Oil-Proof
High Temperature-Resistant Anti-Pull
Anti-UV Corrosion-Resistant
Ripstop Mothproof
Windproof Anti-Hydraulic Pressure





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