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How Much is Polyester Fiber Price Per Kg

date 2023-03-27

How Much is Polyester Fiber Price Per Kg


Polyester fiber is an easy-to-source and cost-effective material, and its price per kg can vary significantly depending on a variety of factors. For generic industrial or apparel use, you can expect to pay about $.50 – $1.00 per kilogram for polyester fiber. Cost increases with the amount purchased, as well as any specialized treatments required like flame retardancy or UV protection. Though usually more expensive, technical grades of polyester with higher tenacities and densities can be found in higher price ranges from suppliers depending on the quality desired and purpose at hand. No matter the need or budget, there is almost always a good solution for your business when it comes to using polyester fiber.



What are the properties of polyester blend material


Polyester blend material is quickly becoming a popular choice for apparel. This synthetic fibre material is durable, lightweight, and easily washable - making it an ideal choice for activewear and everyday wear alike. It also has high abrasion resistance which prevents it from pilling or stretching, is shrink-resistant, and holds colours with brilliant hues without fading over time. Polyester blend material also pulls moisture away from the skin keep the wearer cool and dry. These properties make polyester blends a smart choice when looking for clothing that will last through wear and tear while keeping its original colour, shape, and style.


How about the durability and practicality of fabrik polyester


Fabrik polyester is gaining immense popularity due to its durability and practicality. It is two to three times stronger than regular polyester, making it extremely resistant to wear and tear. Furthermore, fabrik polyester is lightweight and retains its form even after lengthy use or frequent laundering. With its color-fastness, stain resistance and shape retention capabilities, it can make a great choice for activewear and accessories such as sport bags. Additionally, this fabric is considered an eco-friendly option as it requires less energy to produce compared to other fabrics which further adds to its practicality.



Application fields of fabrik polyester


Fabrik polyester is an incredibly versatile material that has a range of applications in many different industries. It is used for making strong and durable fabrics, rope and straps, along with a variety of other decorative or industrial items including bags, window curtains, seat covers and even car parts. In addition, it is also popular due to its ability to resist water damage and dirt build up. Its stain resistant properties make it optimal for use in the automotive industry as well as medical fields where sterilization is essential. Overall, this lightweight material can be easily molded into almost any shape and provides great flexibility for designers who are looking to create something stylish yet durable.



China Polyester Fiber Manufacturer


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