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What is the Difference Between Oxford Fabric and Nylon?

Update:24 Sep 2021

Oxford fabric and nylon are two different materials. Ox […]

Oxford fabric and nylon are two different materials. Oxford fabric is a general term for a fabric. The materials include polyester, nylon, cotton, acrylic, aramid, etc.

Nylon is a kind of material. Polyamide is commonly known as nylon. It is a general term for polymers containing amide groups in the repeating units of the main chain of macromolecules.

So what is the difference between oxford fabric and nylon? Which one is better, Oxford cloth or nylon?

Oxford fabric is a new type of fabric with multiple functions and a wide range of uses. At present, the main materials on the market are polyester, nylon, aramid, acrylic and other varieties. According to the organization, there are mainly: plain weave Oxford cloth, twill Oxford cloth, lattice Oxford cloth, jacquard Oxford cloth.

Nylon fabrics are mainly divided into three types, nylon velvet, nylon oxford cloth.

Generally speaking, Oxford materials are wear-resistant and tear-resistant and are rich in various finishing. Nylon material is highly wear-resistant, and light and thin nylon yarn can be spun to thick nylon oxford cloth. Nylon materials are expensive and have higher strength than ordinary polyester Oxford cloth under the same specification and weight. Both Oxford cloth and nylon have their own application ranges. It is nothing more than evaluating which is better from a single point of view.


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