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What Can Be Done After PET Bottles are Recycled?

Update:19 Apr 2021

Besides recycling PET bottles and making them into new […]

Besides recycling PET bottles and making them into new PET bottles, are there other ways to reuse them? At present, recycled PET bottles can be converted into sheet products, fiber products or stationery. The finished PET bottle can also be made into RPET fabric.

Speaking of garbage sorting and recycling, Japan is one of the earliest and more mature countries in the world. Statistics show that the recycling rate of PET bottles in Japan reached 84.8% in 2017, which is much higher than 41.8% in Europe and 20.9% in the United States. This not only depends on the consciousness of the public but also the importance of food and beverage companies on PET bottles.

RPET fabric is a new type of environmentally friendly recycled fabric. Its yarn is extracted from discarded mineral water bottles and Coke bottles. It is also commonly known as Coke bottle environmental protection cloth. This product is used for waste recycling. Foreign countries, especially developed countries in Europe and America, are very popular. After environmentally friendly dyeing, environmentally friendly coating, and calendering, RPET fabric can be used in a series of luggage products such as mountaineering bags, shoulder bags, school bags, computer bags, backpacks, etc. The finished luggage products made of this fabric are more in line with health and environmental protection standards.

At present, China has initially formed a recycling value chain with wider coverage of the recycling network and gradually mature processing technology. Coupled with the gradual implementation of waste sorting and recycling throughout the country, we believe that the recycling rate of China's food and beverage packaging will continue to increase in the future.

Environmental protection of packaging is imperative and imminent. Hangzhou Xiaoshan Zhengda Textile Co., Ltd. recommends you to use functional fabric and invites you to protect the environment and save resources with us.