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There Are Many Advantages To Using Oxford as A Luggage Fabric

Update:13 Nov 2020

There are generally three types of luggage fabrics on t […]

There are generally three types of luggage fabrics on the market: leather suitcases, hard cases, and soft cases. Soft box materials are generally purchased from nylon, Oxford cloth or non-woven materials.

The luggage case of this kind of fabric has diversified exterior design, which can extend the use capacity, its own case is relatively light, the color and style are more diverse, and it is wear-resistant. As the most widely used fabric in luggage, Oxford cloth has many advantages.

1. Convenience

Compared with the hard case, the most obvious structural feature of Oxford cloth bags is that they have various shapes, which can meet the flexible access of various small objects that need to be used frequently when traveling.

2. Wear resistance and pressure resistance

Oxford cloth bags because of the strong and tough characteristics of Oxford cloth itself, compared with hard cases, the environmental requirements are much more relaxed.

3. Reduce scratches

The Oxford cloth fabric is tight and strong, and it can easily cope with inadvertent collisions and frictions when traveling, while the smooth surface of the hard box will be obvious when scratched or bumped, and it is difficult to repair.

4. Durable

Oxford cloth can still maintain its original appearance after frequent and long-term use. Even if the hard box is not bumped or scratched after long-term use, it is difficult to conceal the traces left by the years. Even if the sticker is attached, the material cannot be blocked Discoloration and loss.

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