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The Working Principle of Polyester Fireproof Oxford Fabric

Update:15 Mar 2021

The working principle of polyester fireproof oxford fab […]

The working principle of polyester fireproof oxford fabric is mainly through the use of special chemical properties of special product materials. When it encounters an open flame or other conditions, it will show flame retardant properties.

Fire-resistant Oxford cloth is a kind of high-temperature inorganic fiber material, with stable chemical properties, high-temperature resistance, ablation resistance and other characteristics. Now fire-resistant Oxford cloth fabrics are not only used in special industries but also used in aviation, chemical, building materials, Fire and other categories.

According to the different materials of polyester fireproof Oxford cloth coating, there are three types: PVC coating, PU coating and semi-PU coating. Depending on the coating process, there is mercerized leather, matte, anti-dermis, wrinkle leather, etc. There are also classifications based on functions and characteristics.

Polyester fireproof oxford fabric is mainly made of fireproof and non-combustible fiber, processed by a special process. The main features are non-combustibility, high-temperature resistance (550-1100 degrees), tight structure, no irritation, soft texture and resistance, and it is convenient to bandage uneven objects and equipment.

Polyester fireproof Oxford cloth has a good function of isolating objects away from hot spots and sparks, blocking incineration. Therefore, it has become a powerful helper for daily industrial fire protection, and it has become a must for interior decoration materials and industrial high-temperature fire protection.

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