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The Concept and Washing Method of Jacquard Fabric

Update:15 Dec 2020

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Hangzhou Xiaoshan Zhengda Textile Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and trade of Oxford cloth and apparel fabrics. Our products include Oxford cloth, jacquard cloth, etc., and its applications range from clothing to luggage, luggage and other outdoor sports goods. We also have print fabric for sale.

Jacquard is a concavo-convex pattern composed of warp and weft interlaced on textiles. Jacquard means that the patterns on the fabric are woven with yarns of different colors when weaving. Compared with embroidery fabrics, the cost is higher, the quality and the air permeability are better.

How to wash jacquard fabrics:

  1. Different types of jacquard fabrics need to be washed in different ways. If you want the jacquard fabric to be the same as the new one after washing, you need to operate it according to the steps when it was purchased. Different colors must be washed separately to avoid fading.
  2. Because the jacquard fabric is loosely organized and there are long floating lines on the reverse side of the fabric, try not to wash it with other thick clothes or clothes with zippers to prevent scratches and scratches on the fabric.
  3. For the cleaning of jacquard fabrics, you need to see if it is suitable for washing powder. Because some products are not suitable for washing machines, in order to avoid damage to the surface, you need to know whether it is suitable for washing with washing machines.

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