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The Application of Waterproof Coating Fabrics in Jackets

Update:26 Apr 2021

Jackets are loved by outdoor enthusiasts because of the […]

Jackets are loved by outdoor enthusiasts because of their warmth, wind and rain protection, and become one of the essential equipment for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Whether you are doing mid and long-distance hiking and mountaineering, or professional adventure, ice climbing, or even climbing seven or eight kilometers of snow-capped mountains, an "all-weather" jacket that suits you is your must-have choice.

General jackets are mainly reflected in the characteristics of waterproof. In terms of fabric design and processing, general jackets are made of "PU waterproof coating + glue at the seams".

PU waterproof coating refers to the treatment of attaching a layer of waterproof coating to the fabric on the surface of the clothes. The thickness of the coating varies according to the needs. This kind of waterproof coating is widely used in automobiles, buildings, and furniture. Even the lining of fire hoses has a PU polyurethane coating. The practice has proved that a good PU coating will not leak water.

From the perspective of modern mountaineering, the assault suit should have several conditions: First, the structure meets the requirements of mountaineering. Mountaineering is often carried out in a variety of activities in harsh environments, including weight-bearing walking, technical climbing, etc. The structure of the assault suit must be able to meet the requirements of these activities. Secondly, the production materials must meet the requirements of mountaineering. Due to the special environment of mountaineering and the needs of mountaineering, the material of the jacket must meet the requirements of windproof, waterproof, and breathable.

If you are in a harsh rainstorm environment, functional clothing can ensure that you will not be drenched in the rain and cause loss of temperature. It won't make you wet in the snow and ice environment. And when you are doing a lot of exercises, your sweat can be quickly volatilized, thus ensuring your body's dryness.

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