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Share Tips for Distinguishing the Front and Back of Fabrics

Update:17 Sep 2021

Generally, the front fabrics are relatively clear, with […]

Generally, the front fabrics are relatively clear, with patterns, patterns, and line outlines on the front, and the font color is brighter, and the reverse color is darker, like the rayon printed fabric. In addition to this, the positive side is generally more distinct, while the negative side is less distinct. The printing of printed fabrics is also on the front.

For the front feel, the front fabric feel must be more comfortable and smoother, while the negative feeling is worse and rougher.

This is even more different in wooly fabrics. Basically, the fuzzy side is the front side, and the feeling it creates is more comfortable. There is less fluffing on the reverse side. If it is double-sided hair, the hair on the reverse side is generally thinner and shorter than that on the front side, not as long and as much as the front side.

If it is a complete fabric, the edge of the fabric has its own texture. Even the plain weave fabric will have a raised pattern on the edge of the fabric. And through this pattern, it is easy to distinguish the front and back of the fabric. The bumps on the front through this pattern will be more obvious and tighter. The convex on the back is not as obvious as the front. There are even depressions. In addition, there are pinholes. The fabric is stitched from bottom to top, and the convex and curled side of the pinhole is basically the front side.

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