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RPET Fabric in Line with The Concept of Environmental Protection

Update:06 Nov 2020

RPET fabric, also known as Coke bottle environmental pr […]

RPET fabric, also known as Coke bottle environmental protection cloth, is a new type of green environmental protection fabric woven from recycled PET bottle yarn. The low-carbon nature of its source creates a new concept in the field of regeneration.

The production process of RPET fabric:

Recycled environmentally friendly fiber raw materials recycled from Coke bottles. The recycled cola bottles are crushed into fragments and processed by spinning, which can be recycled and effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This kind of operation saves nearly 80% of energy compared to the conventional process of producing polyester fibers.

RPET fabric washing method:

1. The highest water temperature is 40 degrees

2. No chlorine bleaching

3. Ironing the pad cloth

4. Do not dry

In today's society, renewable and environmental protection have always been the goals that everyone has been pursuing. RPET fabric fits this concept very well. There are many benefits to using RPET fabrics. First of all, its extraction process helps reduce waste generation and protect the environment. Secondly, when RPET is made, it can reduce the amount of oil used, which not only reduces air pollution, but also saves energy.

Hangzhou Xiaoshan Zhengda Textile Co., Ltd. has focused on fabrics for many years. We have also been paying attention to the concept of renewable and environmental protection. If you are interested in RPET fabric, welcome to choose us!