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Printed Fabric Manufacturer Introduces What Fabric Printing

Update:18 Jan 2021

Fabric printing is a process of showing patterns on fab […]

Fabric printing is a process of showing patterns on fabrics by applying dyes or paints. Printing is a kind of partial dyeing, which requires certain colorfastness after the process is completed.


Printed Fabric Manufacturer introduces what kinds of fabric printing are there?


Direct printing, anti-dye printing, and discharge printing are three methods. Later, with the development of science and technology, paint printing, transfer printing, and digital printing are gradually introduced. Now, these six printing methods are the mainstream printing methods in the field of fabrics. In addition, there are reduction printing, shrink printing, flat screen printing, rotary screen printing, water slurry printing, glue printing, ink printing, thick board printing, foam printing, nylon printing, epoxy printing, gel printing, Flocking printing, embossed and laminated printing, hand-painted printing, etc.