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Oxford Fabric For Sale Manufacturer Introduces What Are The Varieties Of Oxford Fabric

Update:23 Dec 2020

Oxford cloth is also called Oxford spinning. It is most […]

Oxford cloth is also called Oxford spinning. It is mostly interwoven with polyester and cotton blended yarn and cotton yarn. It has the characteristics of easy washing and quick-drying, soft hand feeling, good moisture absorption, and comfortable wearing.


The color of Oxford cloth is harmonious and quiet, with good air permeability, comfortable and natural. Oxford Fabric For Sale manufacturer introduces the main varieties of Oxford cloth:


1. Checked Oxford cloth, especially used to make all kinds of bags.

2. Nylon Oxford cloth, mainly used for flood and rain prevention products.

3. Full stretch oxford cloth, mainly for making bags.

4. Tig Oxford cloth, mainly making all kinds of bags.

5. Weft Oxford cloth, mainly for making all kinds of bags.