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Outdoor Fabric Supply Manufacturer Introduces Why Outdoor Fabrics Have Yin And Yang Colors

Update:18 Jan 2021

Outdoor Fabric Supply  Manufacturer introduces the caus […]

Outdoor Fabric Supply  Manufacturer introduces the causes of yin and yang colors in outdoor fabrics:


1. Sometimes when the weaving factory weaves the yarn is not the same batch of yarn, put together to weave the fabric, dyeing may have Yin and Yang colors.


2. Pre-treatment: the pre-treatment of bulk grey fabrics is not clean, or the treatment is insufficient, which will cause uneven dye absorption of the fabric during the dyeing process of bulk fabrics, which will cause yin and yang problems; in addition, add leveling agent in the dyeing process Too little or too much will have an impact.


3. Flat vat dyeing: also called warp beam vat, or jigger, a Taiwanese company called BM vat dyeing: In the jig dyeing process, due to tension, dye liquor, temperature, and other operations, if the operation is not standardized, especially sensitive Color, sometimes yin and yang colors appear, especially in the dyeing process of the nylon four-sided elastic series, the left, middle, and right sides are most likely to appear in and yang colors, and even intermittent color differences.


4. Overflow tank dyeing: It is also called oblique tube dyeing. People often say how yin and yang colors can appear in overflow tank dyeing, but it does exist in reality. The probability of occurrence is relatively small, and it cannot be said that there is no. It is also due to the dyeing process of fabrics. Color unevenness, occasional color difference occasionally, sensitive colors such as coffee, army green, dark khaki, dark gray, and grass green can also cause yin and yang problems.


5. Sanding fabrics: During the process of fabric sanding, the sanding brush of the sanding machine grinds on the cloth surface, and the strength of the left, middle, and right is often inconsistent. The weight of the hair is also inconsistent with the dye molecules, and there will be yin and yang colors.


6. Calendar: Coated and filmed fabrics, as long as they are not stretch fabrics and very light fabrics, the general fabrics will be calendered. The pressure of the rollers of the calender is inconsistent. There will be chromatic aberration in the edge, which is relatively rare.