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Nylon Fabric Has Wxcellent Performance

Update:23 Oct 2020

The chemical name of nylon is polyester amine fiber. No […]

The chemical name of nylon is polyester amine fiber. Now, nylon fabrics are used to make all kinds of things. The excellent properties of nylon fabrics. The advantages of nylon fabrics are introduced from several aspects below.


1. Smooth surface, low friction coefficient and wear resistance. It is self-lubricating when used as a movable mechanical component and has low noise. It can be used without lubricant when the friction is not too high.

2. Corrosion resistant, very resistant to alkalis and most salt solutions, also resistant to weak acids, engine oils, gasoline, aromatic compounds and general solvents, inert to aromatic compounds, but not resistant to strong acids and oxidants. It can resist the erosion of gasoline, oil, fat, alcohol, weak base, etc. and has good anti-aging ability. It can be used as packaging material for lubricating oil and fuel.

3. It is self-extinguishing, non-toxic, odorless, good weather resistance, inert to biological erosion, and has good antibacterial and antifungal capabilities.

4. Has excellent electrical properties. Good electrical insulation. Nylon has a high volume resistance and high breakdown voltage. It can be used as a power frequency insulating material in a dry environment, and has good electrical insulation even in a high humidity environment.

5. The parts are light in weight, easy to dye and easy to shape.

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