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Introduction And Application of PU Coated Fabric

Update:18 Sep 2020

The PU coated fabric is polyurethane coatings, and the […]

The PU coated fabric is polyurethane coatings, and the coated fabric feels fuller. It has good elasticity and has a filmy surface. PU coated cloth is mainly used in outdoor clothing and military materials. The main characteristics of its fabric are good moisture permeability, relatively wear-resistant, windproof, and good softness.

What follows is the manufacturing process of PU coated fabrics. Its manufacturing process is more complicated. Since the base fabric of the PU fabric has good tensile strength, in addition to coating the top of the base fabric, the base fabric can also be included in the middle to make it look invisible to the bottom.

PU coated fabrics are widely used. It is mainly used in sportswear, down jackets, coats, tents, shoes and socks, curtains, bags and ski shirts, mountaineering suits, windbreakers and so on with advanced waterproof and moisture-permeable functions. In addition, PU coated fabrics can also be used in fields such as national defense, navigation, fishing, offshore oil wells, and transportation.

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