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How to Understand PU Coated Fabric?

Update:24 Nov 2020

The pu coated fabric is made of a synthetic base fabric […]

The pu coated fabric is made of a synthetic base fabric (usually polyester or nylon) with a waterproof polyurethane coating or laminated material, which makes these materials durable, leathery and waterproof, and light weight. Compressed and soft, it is a good choice for making bags and clothing. In particular, this type of PU coated fabric is waterproof, lightweight, comfortable and has excellent wear resistance. The polyurethane coating is applied on one side of the base fabric, which makes the fabric light and flexible. Applications include: camping tents, light duvet covers, clothing and bags.

PU coatings are classified in terms of their coating forms. Simply put, they can be divided into water-based and solvent-based polyurethanes. Solvent-based film-forming performance is good, strong adhesion to fabrics, high water pressure resistance, and more suitable for waterproof and moisture-permeable coatings. However, the solvent type is toxic and flammable, not environmentally friendly, and the water-based type is safe and non-toxic, which is environmentally friendly, but it has poor adhesion to the fabric and has weaker water pressure resistance than the solvent type.

The coating processing technology includes dry method, wet method, hot melt method, transfer method, bonding method and other methods. Among them, the dry method is the most used. The dry method is to evenly coat the coating slurry on the base fabric with an applicator. , After heating to volatilize the solvent or water, the coating forms a film on the surface of the fabric. The thin PU coating is a high-end product in the dry direct coating, mainly used for clothing fabrics.

How to clean pu coated fabric?

1. Clean with special cleaning agent.

2. Clean the stained area with old vinegar.

3. After diluting with 84 disinfectant, soak for a while, master the dilution ratio and soaking time, and rinse for several times.

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