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Green and Environmentally Friendly RPET Fabric

Update:16 Jul 2021

RPET fabric (Recycled PET Fabric), also known as Coke b […]

RPET fabric (Recycled PET Fabric), also known as Coke bottle environmental protection cloth, is a new type of green environmental protection fabric woven from recycled PET bottle yarn. The low-carbon source of its source creates a new concept in the field of recycling.

RPET fabric is a new type of environmentally friendly recycled fabric. Its yarn is extracted from discarded mineral water bottles and Coke bottles. It is also commonly known as a Coke bottle environmental protection cloth. This product is used for waste recycling. Foreign countries, especially developed countries in Europe and the United States, are very popular. After environmentally friendly dyeing, environmentally friendly coating, and calendering, RPET fabric can be used in a series of luggage products such as mountaineering bags, shoulder bags, school bags, computer bags, backpacks, etc. The finished luggage products made of this fabric are more in line with health and environmental protection standards. Therefore, it is loved by all parties.

Advantages of RPET fabric:

1. Protect the environment

The yarn of RPET fabric is extracted from discarded mineral water bottles and cola bottles. The use of waste conforms to the concept of sustainable development, which is beneficial to reduce the generation of waste and better protect the environment.

2. Reduce air pollution and save resources

As we all know, ordinary polyester fabric yarns are extracted from petroleum, RPET fabric yarns are extracted from bottles, PET recycled yarns can reduce the amount of petroleum used, and each ton of finished PET yarns can save 6 A ton of oil has made a certain contribution to reducing air pollution and controlling the greenhouse effect. A plastic bottle (600cc) = 25.2g carbon reduction = 0.52cc fuel-saving = 88.6cc water saving.

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