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Do You Know This About Functional Fabrics?

Update:29 Mar 2021

To put it simply, functional fabrics solve a variety of […]

To put it simply, functional fabrics solve a variety of functional needs of customers at the fabric level, including antibacterial, anti-mite, three-proof, anti-ultraviolet and so on. These fabrics are mostly used in the field of outdoor clothing, maternal and infant clothing, home textiles and other fabrics.

Waterproof and moisture-permeable fabric is also called "breathable fabric". It is a fabric that integrates waterproof, moisture-permeable, wind-proof and warmth-keeping performance after PU coating or bonding. It can not only resist the intrusion of rain and cold wind but also Let the human body's sweat and sweat be discharged in time, so as to keep the human body dry and warm and comfortable.

Textiles, especially chemical fibers, are prone to static electricity due to friction during production, processing and use, and the charges are very easy to absorb the bow|Dust adheres to the clothes and entangles the clothes and causes discomfort to the human body. Higher electrostatic voltage can also harm the human body, or even cause Cause the item to catch fire or explode. The antistatic processing method mainly uses antistatic finishing agents, which can be completed during the dyeing processor can be solved by adding antistatic additives to the coating. With the development of science and technology, the carbon-containing composite organic conductive fiber has been developed into a blended fabric with ordinary fibers and effective after finishing, so that the fabric has durable conductive properties. This fabric is called Conductivefabric.

The ultraviolet radiation that reaches the surface of the earth in solar radiation can be divided into three types: UVA, UVB, and UVC. The injection of UVA into human skin can activate the melanin in the skin, darken the skin, and accelerate skin aging. When the skin receives a large amount of UVB, it will cause erythema, blisters and burns; excessive UVC radiation can cause skin cancer.

The anti-ultraviolet fabric can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays from radiating to the skin. When the light beam containing external rays is irradiated to the anti-ultraviolet fabric, the fabric has a good effect of blocking ultraviolet rays, so it can block more than 95% of the ultraviolet rays in the beam outside the fabric, so as to effectively prevent ultraviolet rays from invading human skin. The lower the UV transmittance of the fabric, the better the UV resistance of the fabric.

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