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Application of PVC Coated Fabrics on Coats

Update:30 Oct 2020

Nowadays, PVC coated fabric is loved by major bloggers. […]

Nowadays, PVC coated fabric is loved by major bloggers. It is also used to make various fashion items. Let's talk about the popular trend of PVC coated fabrics.

PVC-coated fabrics are probably the most conventional but the most dazzling existence on coats. In the case of generally used woolen cloth, PVC is more refreshing and eye-catching, and very neat.

It is not difficult to find that although the woolen material keeps warm, it always feels a bit "grey" in color, and the PVC coat, which is also a hidden meat artifact, restores the real color system to a higher degree in color rendering, and has different angles. The glossy visual effect makes it hard not to notice you.

In addition to simple colors, PVC coated fabrics can also be made into a rich look. Moreover, PVC coated fabrics can also be used to make skirts and pants.

Fully transparent PVC is not really "transparent", on the contrary, you will notice it quickly. In contrast to the black primer, the transparent PVC in the shape of a vest brings a very interesting feeling. It is a bit similar to the transparent raincoat we would wear when we were young when it rained. It is a fashionable item full of futuristic sense.

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