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Application of PU coated fabric in garment design

Update:22 Feb 2021

PU coated fabric is a kind of coated fabric. The fabric […]

PU coated fabric is a kind of coated fabric. The fabric is used as the base fabric. The surface is coated with a thin film of polyurethane polymer compound and heated and pressurized to form a composite material.

Its shape, appearance and texture are similar to leather, so it is also called imitation leather. With the research and continuous improvement of coating materials, coating processes, and fabric base fabrics, the performance of this composite material has been greatly improved, and it has been more and more used in clothing design.

Generally speaking, PU artificial leather is relatively simple to produce, has a relatively low cost, and can be made in many different colors. Pu artificial leather has a very good performance in terms of wear resistance and warmth retention. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of waterproof, simple care, breathable and moisture-permeable. In the autumn and winter clothing market, it is made of these two fabrics or inlaid. Clothing occupies a large proportion.

The three elements of PU coated fabric garment design are material, style and color. The three elements are relatively independent and an organic combination. Changing any of these elements can produce brand-new effects, and if any element is not used well, the overall work will become a failure. Therefore, when designing PU-coated fabric garments, we must carefully start with each element and consider the overall, combine fashion with practicality, give full play to the advantages of PU-coated fabrics, and design beautiful and novel PU-coated fabric garments.

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