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Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Paint and Dye Printing

Update:01 Mar 2021

With the development of synthetic fibers and fabrics, t […]

With the development of synthetic fibers and fabrics, the superiority and importance of print fabric have become more and more prominent, and new varieties and new processes abroad continue to appear.

The biggest difference between dye printing and coated printing is that coated printing is combined with the fabric by physical bonding, while dye printing is directly combined with the fabric by van der Waals force.

Coated printing can be used in the processing of any fiber textile, and it has more advantages in the printing of blended and interwoven fabrics. It has a simple process, wide color spectrum, clear printing outline and good reproducibility. It is suitable for special printing methods and can also be used. Discharge and anti-dye printing can also reduce wastewater discharge. Their lightfastness and dry-cleaning fastness are good, and even excellent, so they are widely used in decorative fabrics, curtain fabrics and clothing fabrics that require dry cleaning. But the hand feel is not good, the rubbing fastness is not high, and the vividness of the color is not as good as the dye printing with the equivalent structure.

The variety of dye printing is diverse, the color spectrum is complete, the color is bright, the color paste is easy to operate, the printing process is simple, the effect is good, and the cost is low. However, most of them are not resistant to chlorine, have a low fixation rate, and are prone to staining during soaping.

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