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Advantages Of 100% Polyester Fabric

Update:04 Jan 2021

100% polyester is a synthetic fiber obtained by spinnin […]

100% polyester is a synthetic fiber obtained by spinning polyester formed by polycondensation of organic dibasic acid and diol and is currently the largest variety of synthetic fibers.


Advantages of 100% Polyester Fabric :


1. High intensity. The impact resistance is 4 times higher than nylon and 20 times higher than viscose fiber.


2. Good flexibility. Polyester fabric has high strength and elastic recovery ability, when it stretches 5% to 6%, it can almost completely recover.


3. Good wear resistance. The abrasion resistance is second only to the best abrasion resistance nylon, better than other natural fibers and synthetic fibers.


4. Good light resistance. Lightfastness is second only to acrylic fiber. The lightfastness of polyester fabric is better, except that it is worse than acrylic fiber, its light fastness is better than natural fiber fabric. Especially the light fastness behind the glass is very good, almost as good as acrylic.